Diamondguard is a two product elastomeric polymer with exceptional bonding, shearing, tensile and elongation characteristics.

Unlike its cementitious counterparts, it is non-porous, does not contain any fibres & does not require the addition of water. It is self-extinguishing, non-toxic and not harmful on contact. The two parts are mixed in the correct ratio in the pumping equipment and sprayed onto the area to be covered via a manually controlled spray gun.

The Diamondguard base product consists of a number of chemical components mixed together in a pre-determined ratio to form an off-white, inert liquid. This fluid is a polymer as it is constituted from different chemical substances to form one, uniform product, requires the addition of a catalyst to achieve its full potential as a bonding agent.

The catalyst, or hardener, mixed with the base product, causes a chemical reaction within the base product that changes the molecular construction of the product, causing it to set and to form a resilient, UV resistant liquid.

Once the two components of Diamondguard have been mixed in the correct ratio it forms an exceptionally durable compound with almost endless applications in the Mining, Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Agriculture industries.
Product Specifications
(1) This test was not conclusive. Either the rock tiles used disintegrated or the glue used to bond the tile to the product failed. However, the results obtained are better than Industry Standards. These results are the averages achieved from 10 samples of the product for each of the curing periods and for each of the characteristics tested. The testwork was done by the Centre for Polymer Technology, Pretoria.
North Shaft, Modikwa Platinum Mine - Consolidation of rock faces in drives, cubbies and raises More
Primary School in Johannesburg - Waterproofing of flat concrete roof
Cheyeza Chicken Farm, Tzaneen district - Damp and bacteria proofing of chicken house
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