Diamondguard was developed in South Africa by a German Industrial Chemist just over ten years ago as the first non-cementitious spray on thin skin liner for the mining industry. Since then, it has proven to be highly efficient in other industries.

Diamondguard is a Thin Skin or Thin Spray Lining designed for the consolidation of stressed rock structures associated with mining and as a resilient damp proofing lining for the floors, walls and roofs of large areas like warehouses, workshops and chicken houses preventing the propagation of bacteria.

Diamondguard is a two component elastomeric material that is applied by compressed air. It is very flexible with good elongation and high tensile strength. Adhesion is outstanding, even to moist surfaces.

Diamondguard’s two components are mixed prior to application and no hazardous atomized particles are released into the environment during the application process.
North Shaft, Modikwa Platinum Mine - Consolidation of rock faces in drives, cubbies and raises More
Primary School in Johannesburg - Waterproofing of flat concrete roof
Cheyeza Chicken Farm, Tzaneen district - Damp and bacteria proofing of chicken house
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