Immediate and effective protection in newly excavated areas.

Current practice:
Roofbolts and/or rope anchors
Shotcrete to minimum 50mm thickness
Average coverage 40 square meters/day
Huge quantities of sand and cement need to be transported
Water required to mix product
Compressed air driven pumps
Drying time of approximately 24 hours
How Diamondguard can make a difference:
Roofbolts and/or rope anchors
Lacing (if required)
No meshing
Average coverage 200 square meters/day
2.5mm to 8mm thickness as required by the client
Products stored and transported easily in drums and jerry cans
Water required to wash/prepare area for spraying
Compressed air driven pumps
Gel time variable from 6 to 45 minutes
Setting time from 15 to 75 minutes
60% of final strength within hours
North Shaft, Modikwa Platinum Mine - Consolidation of rock faces in drives, cubbies and raises More
Primary School in Johannesburg - Waterproofing of flat concrete roof
Cheyeza Chicken Farm, Tzaneen district - Damp and bacteria proofing of chicken house
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